Insurance Defense

At Campbell, Foley, Delano & Adams, LLC, we understand that insurance matters can get tricky. The insured want to receive their money quickly for any accident or any wrong they feel has been committed against them, while insurance companies seek to investigate these claims, making sure that the parties deserve the compensation that they are receiving. Whether it be an issue of motor vehicle negligence, premises liability, construction accidents, product defects or anything in between, it is important to have a lawyer on your side to help you understand the legal process involved in settling these claims.

Our lawyers work with insurance companies to determine the validity of insurers’ claims, from the initial investigation stages through the final resolution. Insurance defense attorneys will look at all evidence collected during the investigation. This can include any phone calls that an insured has with their insurance agency, as well as anything the insured has signed off on (for example, the insured might release their medical records to an insurance agency after an accident) and any past insurance claims the insured has filed. All of these things can be used as evidence when trying to prove that an insured person does not have the right to a claim, or that they should not be receiving as many benefits from the insurance company as they believe they should.

These arguments over insurance claims can often go to trial, during which it is important to have a capable attorney representing you. To learn more about the services we offer to insurance carriers, contact the lawyers at Campbell, Foley, Delano & Adams, LLC today at 732.775.6520 or online.
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